SJW Students Hone Debating Skills at EEG Inter-University Workshop

9 months

A group of HCT-Sharjah Women’s campus (SJW) students have been able to enhance their debating skills when they attended an inter-university workshop hosted by the Emirates Environmental Group.

Emirates Environmental Group organized the “Sustainable Development: Goals, Ideas, Voices and Expressions #GIVE students’ workshops, which built on its 2016 theme of “Sustainable Innovation: Road to Sustainable Development Goals.

The #GIVE relates to the ‘Year of Giving’, declared by the UAE’s President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, which aligns with all the work the EEG tirelessly worked to achieve in 2017 by continuing to give back to the society to ensure that an environmentally-conscious and able generation is ready to take on the challenges of the future.

Many colleges and universities participated in the event which comprised of interactive brainstorming sessions, debates, discussions and hands-on practical exercises influencing students to co-operate with, and learn from, each other.

The students, accompanied by their teachers, Dr. Kausar Saida and Dr. Sophy Thomson, were assigned to different groups; each group had members from different colleges and universities. This enabled the groups to forge new connections and work as a team with new people.

The students pitted their wits against one another and put in all their efforts to support their team. It was very exciting to watch the students from various universities come together, have their minds closeted together discussing the topic and reveal astonishing answers.


The topics focused on various problems around the globe including:

  • “Mistreating water”- revolving round Water Contamination;
  • “Yamuna River, India”- polluted with sewage, garbage
  • “Red Tide, UAE”-reproduction and accumulation of Phytoplankton in marine waters that uses up oxygen
  • “Flint, Michigan” – high levels of lead in drinking water in the pipes
  • “Lebanese Garbage Crisis – Untreated waste in Lebanese Coast
  • “Pacific Gyre Garbage watch, Central North Pacific Ocean” – 80% land waste activities in North America and Asia and 20% oceanic waste
  • “E-waste, Ghiyu China” – 5,500 businesses discard electronics, dismantles 1.5 million tonnes of junked computers in 1 year
  • “Aral Sea–Dried up” – Was 102 m deep in 1989 and now it is only 14 m deep

The teams came up with amazing  answers and the SJW students had a wonderful time, not only enjoying the session, but also honed their debating skills and cultivated new friendships.

Hessa, an SJW student who was highly active, said: “I just can’t believe that we have come to the end of our wonderful workshop. I enjoyed it a lot. I was able to put forward my views and had a whale of a time debating that my views and opinions were correct. Looking forward to more workshops and activities that will be an eye opener to us and make us responsible global citizens. Thank you, Dr. Kausar and thank you, HCT. ”


Another student, Amna, said: “I had a wonderful experience at the EEG Environmental workshop. I had the opportunity of meeting students from various universities such as Sharjah University, American University and Zayed University and making friends with many of them. We had real fun looking at the environmental problems given to our team and trying to find solutions for the problems.”

“The most enjoyable part of the workshop was the debate where everyone came up with their own opinions and justifications. I learnt a lot about Green Environment. Thank you, Dr. Kausar for making us aware of such workshops and providing us with an opportunity of participating in it and thanks to the college for being so encouraging about it. Now I can participate in such workshops with confidence and ease,” Amna added.

Ms. Mariam had the opportunity to put forward her thoughts to the audience in a well-organized manner that received a huge round of applause from the audience.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience and the students enjoyed it all.