SJM Students Challenged to Discover the Business of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

10 months

The month of Innovation has again been a hectic time for the HCT-Sharjah campuses, with the Sharjah Men’s (SJM) being the focus of attention as the Faculty of Business hosted its inaugural innovation competition on February 25, which saw 72 students from all majors competing in 10 teams .

All competitors were enrolled in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship course, with their projects being a diverse range of product-based and service innovations, as well as artistic innovations. A video showing two years of photography about Sharjah Emirate was a good quality example of innovative arts. Other projects presented covered different industries, such as home electrical machines, cars, sustainability, 3D glasses, traffic solutions, tourism, medicine smart applications, and women’s sports facilities.

The winning concepts were a hybrid car, a sustainability machine and a software Application called E-doctor.

The event was full of activities, other than the innovation challenge. Students were able to attend a workshop about a new patent presented by Dr. Saeed Al Hassan, Associate Professor at Khalifa University, as well as a discussion panel about the secrets of success of innovators and entrepreneurs.

The discussion panel included Dr. Saeed Al Hassan in the field of Chemical Engineering, Dr. Ali Al Aani in the field of Business consultancy, Dr. Wasif Minhas, in the field of General Education, & Mr. Fahad Al Shaer an “A” student who has won many competitions, and is a successful innovator and entrepreneur as well.

Mrs. Rasha Abou Samra, Team Leader of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship course, was the supervisor of the competing projects and presented a workshop about Data Monetizing.


First Place:


1 H00016080 Rashed Ahmed Obaid Ahmed AlHashmi
2 H000298966 Mohamed Younis Mohamed Ibrahim Al Zarooni
3 H00303628 Mohamed Khalid Abdelrahman AlNoman AlShamsi
4 H00297155 Mohammed Salem Obaid Mohammed Altawila
5 H00283371 Fares Mohammad Issa Al Hamadi
6 H00050391 Saeed Yousif Karam Hassan Karam
7 H00298388 Aaya Kamel Mohamed Hasan Almarzooqi
8 H00298097 Muna Ahmed Ghulam Hayat Alblooshi
9 H00294680 Shaikha Ibrahim Hamad Alhamli Alshamsi


Second Place:


1 H00328987 Ali Ibrahim Mohamed Hassan Al Raeesi
2 H00327414 Ebrahim Saif Ebrahim Saif Alnuaimi
3 H00356968 Issa Rashid Obaid Al Kashf Al Ali
4 H00303625 Khalid Hassan Ahmed Aldiqqi Alhooti
5 H00357242 Khameis Ahmed Khameis Mohamed Alyammahi
6 H00271918 Salim Malalla Ibrahim Majid Alhammadi


Third Place:


1 H00327364 Mohammad Eissa Ali Jassim Alsarah
2 H00248165 Mohammed Jasem Khair Mohammed Al Blooshi
3 H00303462 Salim Talib Ali Abdelrahman Abutalib