SJW Maarifa Club Organises Fun Sport Day for School Pupils

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In collaboration with Maarifa Club, the HCT-Sharjah Women’s campus (SJW) Faculty of Education held its Annual Kids Sports Day 2018 recently, which saw 60 KG students from Al Wahda Private School, Sharjah, invited to join and participate in sports activities at SJW outdoor area.

Organizing an event such as Kids’ Sports Day was a really good initiative, as the kids had a great time during this event. This event was expertly put together by the Education Faculty’s Mrs. Khadija Aljassmi and Mrs. Nadya, who both worked on this initiative along with a number of volunteers from Ma3rifa club and Semester three students.

Ma3rifa club members helped a lot with organizing this event as they guided the kids throughout the day to ensure their safety.  The Semester three students took on the roles of coaches and ran five different sport stations successfully for the kids during the day.

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The program started with warm ups and stretch exercises for everybody. Then, kids were guided to five different sport stations. The kids had to spend fifteen minutes on each station and they were rotating between those five stations. Every child had an opportunity to participate in station’s sports activities.

Once the sports activities were finished, the students enjoyed having a snack with their peers and their teachers. Al Wahda Private School highly appreciated this initiative and they were very amazed with the role of our volunteers during this event.

The event ended by 12pm and Dr. Nadia Al Hassani, HCT-Sharjah Dean of Academic Operations, distributed medals to the KG students and the KG teachers.

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Dr. Al Hassani was very pleased with this event and she recommended to have this event annually.

Ms. Khadija Aljassmi said: “Running such activities in will spread awareness about how important it is to practice those healthy habits on a daily basis.”

Ms. Nadya Moosa said:“This is a great opportunity to connect with the community.  It is also a great way to say Thank you for the Schools which agreed to train our students during their Teaching Practicum courses. Our students are gaining a valuable experience in the schools, we also would like to give those schools a valuable experience in return at HCT.”