HCT-Ruwais Campuses Welcome Students’ Learning Successes with Academic Success Centre Launch

1 year

HCT students in the Al Dhafra region have been given a major boost with learning opportunities, with the unveiling of a new Academic Success Centre in the HCT-Ruwais campus on March 19, 2018.

The Centres, opening at all HCT campuses, are the flagships of the HCT’s Academic Success Program and the  Ruwais centre was launched by campus Director Dr. Hashim Alzaabi, at an official opening ceremony attended by faculty, staff and students.

Dr. Hashim spoke about the importance of the program, and how the college is committed to providing support to all students at every stage of their education.

The ceremony was also attended by the Campus Peer Tutors, who will be a key component in the success of the centers. The peer tutors are a shining example for others to follow and they really showed one of the Center’s mottos, “extra effort = results”.

The center will be staffed by both these peer tutors and by faculty tutors from all disciplines, including English, Maths, Arabic and Emirati Studies, Engineering and Business. It will cater for the Women’s campus students during the day and the Men’s campus students in the evening.

All students are invited to drop in to the Centre at any time, which will be hosting a number of workshops in the near future, as well as a tutorials service.

The center is a place for students to come for academic support and to be motivated to realize their full potential.