FJW CIS Students Look to Bright Future at Academic Advising Session

9 months

Good advising is vital to the long-term success of HCT students, where the advisor is the link between the student and academic success. Advising can make a huge difference in the lives of students.

With that firmly in mind, the Faculty of Computer Information Science (CIS) organized an academic advising session at the HCT-Fujairah Women’s campus (FJW).

The session was attended by campus and program leadership members, as well as CIS faculty members, with about 170 CIS students actively participating, as they planned their future directions.

Ms. Safia AlRaqbani, HCT-Fujairah campuses Director, stressed the importance of advising in students’ academic progression and explained how advising will help them to improve their GPAs.

Dr. Zahoor Khan, Fujairah CIS Program Chair, encouraged students to meet with their advisors more frequently and follow the ideal study plan which will help them to graduate on-time, with good academic standing.

Issues related to academic warning and probations (P1 and P2) were elaborated by Dr. Gallie Kawanzaruwa, Manager, Academic Services and Advising, at length, prompting students to ask questions. She also emphasized on the importance of maintaining a strong relationship between the advisor and student.

Dr. Philip Harttrup, General Studies Program Coordinator, briefed students on the changes made in the General Studies Program in a highly interactive session, where many students were eager to raise their queries regarding academic advising.

The best part of the event was the meeting of all advisors with their students in one place and time. The session ended off well with huge satisfaction level from both campus management and CIS students.