FJW Education Students Get Buzzing with Foundations Spelling & Grammar Bee

10 months

The Faculty of Education at the HCT-Fujairah Women’s campus (FJW) found a sweet way for Foundations students to test their skills, by hosting the biannual ‘Spelling Bee’ on February 18, 2018.

This event is a collaboration between the Education and Foundations departments, and was an opportunity for Education students to take the reigns of the event and ensure its smooth running.

This year’s event included both the traditional Spelling Bee as well as a new Grammar Bee.  The purpose of these two ‘bees’ was to help Foundations students practice English Language skills in a fun, enjoyable and engaging way, as well as practice their leadership and public speaking skills.

Twelve Foundations students took part in the spelling bee while 17 participated in the grammar bee, who were ably supported by many Foundations and Education students who cheered-on their class mates, creating a pleasant but competitive atmosphere.

Faculty from both departments all agreed that the event was a big success and a great opportunity for their students to practice important language skills in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Dean of Academic Operations, Professor. Saif Al Qaydi, opened the event with a short speech. He later distributed certificates of participation and prizes to all the winners. Professor Saif also suggested to widen the scope of the competition to include other programs at the Fujairah colleges.

Spelling competition winners:

Foundations Level 2: Huda  Aldhuhoori (H00375878) and Reem Alhefeti (H00370027)

Foundations Level 3: Amira Abdulla (H00370733) and Mariam Mohamed (H00376606)

Grammar competition winners:

Foundations Level 2: Shahrazad Aldhanhani  (H00376365) and Amal Alwadhi (H00375871)

Foundations Level 4: Mozah Darweish Al Zahmi  H00368064 and Abrar Ahmed Al Naqbi (H00369267)