Choose Your Future Career Path Wisely … DBW Foundations Students Set Course for Careers at Program Choice Day

1 year

The Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) – Dubai Women’s campus’s (DBW) Student Careers/Work Placement Team, in collaboration with the Foundations Program, organized a Program Choice Day, on 19 February 2018.

The event, held under the theme of ‘Choose Wisely, Your Future Career Path’, attracted over 165 Foundations students keen to chart their future career plans, as it introduced students to the variety of majors offered at DBW for the 2017-18 academic year.

Students were able to take time to explore their interests, values, skills and personalities, and to see how they relate to different careers and occupational environments under each academic program.

In addition to the Program Choice Day, a series of informative sessions was offered to the Foundations students by the Academic Programs throughout February to raise their awareness of DBW’s program offerings. Students were urged to think of entrepreneurship, renewable energy, innovation, the cloud, futuristic teaching methods and many cutting-edge concepts.


Each academic program highlighted the key features of their program majors, with the Divisional Chairs, Program Coordinators, faculty and senior students offering interactive sessions. The Foundations students actively engaged in open discussions to learn more about DBW academic programs and to share the experiences and success stories of its current students.

Adding to the holistic nature of the Program Choice Day,  a variety of career advising sessions, utilizing career coaching and self-assessment tools, were conducted for students by Dina Abuljebain, Senior Specialist Work Placement, prior to the event. The goal of these advisory sessions was to ensure that the students come to the event well-prepared, network with academic programs, collect information, and ask the right questions. Enriching students’ knowledge about DBW academic program offerings, and identifying the matching careers available in the UAE labor market will lead to a successful academic life and professional career.


Caroline Jenns, DBW Foundations Chair, said: “Preparing students to make the most appropriate BAS choice for them, not only contributes towards their long-term academic success, but also enables them to better serve their society in roles they are confident and happy in.”