Senior Students Take Centre Stage at AAW’s Innovation Week Celebrations

10 months

The hard-working senior students, from all majors, at the HCT-Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) grabbed the spotlight as they took centre stage to display their projects for the “Senior Students Innovation Week” exhibition, organized by the AAW Learning Resources Department.

Forty innovative projects were displayed during a hectic week, comprise of the following entries:

  • 5 Education projects
  • 19 Engineering projects
  • 14 CIS projects
  • 2 Business projects

The Senior Students Innovation Week enabled the AAW students to showcase their research and findings on specific topics, via their informative, personal projects.

A committee composed of AAW faculty and staff members selected the best projects, which were subsequently displayed to invited industry and business representatives who were able to meet with students to discuss potential opportunities.

The eight winning innovative projects were chosen from the entries, as follows:

  • Four Engineering projects
  • Two CIS projects
  • 1 Education project
  • 1 Business project

One of the winning Engineering projects demonstrated how to control traffic light signals using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). It aims to facilitate a smooth flow of traffic in case of emergencies, accidents, congestions or special events/marches.

The system was designed by Mariam Al Nuaimi, Meera Al Neyadi, Shamma Othman and Mouza Al Dhaheri, under the supervision of Engineering faculty member, Mr. Mohamad Muflehi. The students have already tasted success, by winning third place in a Student Poster Competition at the HCT’s ASET 2018 Conference.

The highly interactive event had a series of aims and targets, being to:

  • Provide an avenue for students to present their innovations to the entire AAW community
  • Enable students to gather feedback from the community to enhance their projects
  • Introduce students to future meetings with industry and business representatives and avail potential opportunities, including employment and partnerships

Dr. Zoheir Ezziane, AAW Learning Resources Department Assistant Manager, was thoroughly pleased with the level of commitment from the students and the quality of their presented projects. “Through innovation, we can build the future,” he said.

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