No Red Lights for Enterprising AAW Engineering Students’ Innovative Traffic Control System

2 years

A group of talented Aeronautical Engineering Technology students from the HCT-Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) has continued its winning ways with an innovative traffic control system project, grabbing the attention of academics and industry stakeholders alike.

After showcasing their graduation project, a UAV-Controlled Traffic Lights System, at the Al Ain Municipality’s activities for the UAE’s nation-wide Month of Innovation, during the week of February 1-7, the students confidently presented the project as part of the Student Scientific Poster Competition during the HCT’s ASET 2018 multi-conferences in Dubai on February 6, 2018.

The innovative system was designed by the following AAW students, under the supervision of the engineering faculty member, Mr. Mohamad Muflehi:

  • Mariam Al Nuaimi
  • Meera Al Neyadi
  • Shamma Othman and
  • Mouza Al Dhaheri

The students’ project demonstrates the control of traffic light signals using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). It aims to facilitate a smooth flow of traffic in case of emergencies, accidents, congestions or special events/marches. The system operation can be demonstrated using a 3D-printed prototype of a 4-way traffic light intersection, which was made by the project team.

During the ASET multi-conferences, the students demonstrated to visitors and industry leaders the operation of the system using the 3D-printed prototype of a 4-way traffic lights intersection, during a 10-minute slot for showcasing the project to the judging panel. They then responded confidently and admirably to the many audience questions and inquiries.

The students’ innovative project and presentation skills impressed the judging panel sufficiently to have the foursome awarded overall third place in the Student Scientific Poster Competition.

Second place was awarded to a team from the American University of Sharjah, for its “Bio-inspired Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle”, while first prize was awarded to a team from the HCT- Sharjah Men’s campus for its “Hybrid Electric Car”.

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