HCT’s Al Dhafrah Campuses Celebrate Innovation Month with Entrepreneurial Business Bazaar

2 years

As a part of UAE’s official Month of Innovation, the Faculty of Business at the HCT-Madinat Zayed and Ruwais campuses organized a highly successful one-day Business Bazaar event on February 6th in Ruwais and February 7th in Madinat Zayed.

The Bazaar provided the students a platform to demonstrate their teamwork skills, while they displayed their culinary and marketing skills, selling various merchandise. The aim of the events was to inform the college, nearby academic institutions and community of the many ways the HCT-Al Dhafra students demonstrate their entrepreneurial competencies.

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Customers could browse multiple floors displaying food, fun, entertainment & crafts. Students faced exciting opportunities as well as some potential competition from their fellow students and budding business entrepreneurs, as they vied for the customers’ attention and dirhams.

All profits generated from the Business Bazaar will be donated to Red Crescent Society.


In addition to the Business Bazaar event, the Faculty of Business launched an Innovation Club at the HCT-Ruwais campuses.

The mission of this club is to make the students meet and explore their passion for small business and innovations and develop new skills. In addition, it will provide a space for students to discuss business ideas, come up with new designs and to encourage them to think out-of-the-box.

Students suggested the following Business Innovation Club activities:

– Invitation of academic speakers, researchers and consultants.

– Brain storming sessions

– live cases; seminars, videos and discussions

– Organize lab tours and industry visits

– Reading groups (daily newspapers, scientific books……. )

– Competitions:  arranging a monthly competition between the campus students. We may also invite students from other HCT campuses to visit our campus and participate.

– Best app idea competition

– Solar energy for daily use competition

– Most wonderful photo from the campus

– Recycling completion

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