HCT-Sharjah Students Discover Chemical Reactions to Nobel Prize Exhibition

1 year

Students from the HCT-Sharjah Men’s and Women’s campuses (SJM & SJW) were treated to a rare opportunity to explore the world of chemistry in a hands-on manner when they visited the Nobel Prize in Chemistry Connecting Elements Museum.

This is a beautifully thought out exhibition on chemistry and how it all began with historical information about the originator of the Nobel prize award, Alfred Nobel.

The emphasis of the exhibition is definitely on the word “connecting’ as it connected chemistry students in the Veterinary Science program at HCT-Sharjah Men’s campus (SJM) with the science of chemistry. Judging by their reactions, the exhibition was highly satisfying, for students and their accompanying lecturers.

The interactive displays were attractive and really ignited the students’ imaginations – from a body scanner, which then gave information on blood, DNA and other chemical structures, to the chemical reaction display allowing visitors to react different chemicals and then see on a screen the reaction products.

The students were enthralled by the display of lasers used to measure chemical reactions in Femtoseconds! However the hands-on activity of building molecules using beads to represent carbon, hydrogen and oxygen really gathered a crowd, while naming organic compounds became a game for the students. If all the displays were not enough there was even a photo booth allowing students to take a photo in the Nobel Prize gathering as if they were there in person.

The students and field trip organizers gave a big thank-you to the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation for this amazing opportunity to discover the wonderful breakthroughs in chemistry that have helped humanity.