“Finding Me/You” … SJW’s ‘Be You, Be Happy’ Campaign Kicks Off

2 years

Finding self-confidence and inner peace was the aim of the HCT-Sharjah Women’s campus’s (SJW) ‘Be You, Be Happy’ campaign, launched on campus on February 5 & 6, 2018, as a joint initiative by the Sports Complex and Sharjah Women’s Counselling Unit.

The aim of the campaign was to educate students on how they can be happy, empowered, more confident and successful. It also made the students aware that it is not a ‘NEW YOU’ that is required; it is ‘NEW GOALS’.

The campaign commenced with an inspirational talk from a successful woman to show the students what they need in the path to success. The students were very lucky to have an inspirational talk by one of our most successful role models within our collage, Dr. Amna Al Obeidi, SJW Assistant Manager of Student Life.

Dr. Amna shared with the girls her own success and the challenges faced to reach her goals and how she managed them to finish her Ph.D. Dr. Amna inspired the students, providing them with ideas and solutions on ways to overcome obstacles that can come up when trying to reach goals.


The talk was followed by a workshop to educate the students on SMART goal setting – to break their goals down in to every day goals and set healthy and achievable goals. During the workshop, the students had the opportunity to write their own goals and to have guidance from the Sports Team and Counseling Team, on how to turn their goals in to SMART goals.

During the workshop, students were educated about body posture and a station was set up for students practice and see what an impact changing posture can make!



Along with the workshop, stations were set up to inspire students to be happy, healthy and more empowered. Stations were set up for students to share their happiness quotes, and self-confidence and positive thinking quotes were distributed and shared, for inspiration and empowerment. Another station was set up to give students healthy tips and nutritional advice, along with meals plans and wholesome recipes.

To inspire the students in achieving their goals, Mariam Abdulrahman (foundations student) a successful taekwondo player, spoke confidently about her journey to compete in taekwondo competitions within and outside the UAE. Mariam shared the challenges she faced in her journey and how she overcame her fears and obstacles to represent the UAE in the sport that she is so passionate about.

Sara Ahmad, SJW Student Council President, shared her experience and her struggle when she was shy and how joining sports and making more friends helped her overcome her shyness. This is evidenced, as she is now the head of the student council and a confident role model to other students at the college.

The morning of February 6 started with a ‘Walk to a healthier and happier you’, where students, faculty and staff eagerly joined in the fun walk in the SJW gardens. The walk encouraged students to be active and fit, and for them to learn to take time in the fresh air to think and clear their minds.

As a gift to all the students who participated over the two days, compact mirrors were given to emphasis on the importance of loving yourself and being self-confidence and how would that contribute in life time happiness, ‘BE YOU, BE HAPPY’!