Choices, Choices, Choices … AAW Students Spoilt for Activities at Clubs Festival

2 years

HCT-Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) students were spoilt for choices when the campus organized a clubs festival on February 12, 2018, to provide opportunities for students to find engaging and interesting extra-curricular activities.

This bi-annual event is held at the beginning of each semester to welcome students and encourage them to join new and existing clubs. It also opens up opportunities to students, staff, and faculty to suggest new clubs in an atmosphere filled with a fun combination of cultures, colors, music, sports, movies, books, and much more.

The clubs which participated were as follows:

  1. Sports Club, for which the volleyball team was registering students to help organize sports events around the year
  2. Emirates Hospitality Club, which teaches students to preserve their Emirati traditions and hospitality
  3. Book to Movie Club, in which students choose a book or a movie to read and discuss
  4. Art Club, involving students who are interested in drawing, both digital and manual. Most recently student members are now printing their drawings into mobile covers
  5. Digital Book Club, in which students choose an e-book to read and discuss
  6. Korean Club, which teaches interested students learn about Korean language, culture, and food
  7. Happiness Club, where students work on happiness activities to spread joy on campus
  8. Personality Grooming, shaping the skills of students to equip them for future job interviews
  9. Create-Your-Own Club, which opened up a door for suggestions from faculty and students. One of the suggestions was to have a photography club

Hala Shaabani, AAW Student Services Officer, commented: “The clubs festival enriches student life at the college and introduces the new clubs along with the existing ones. It’s a great opportunity for students, staff, and faculty to enjoy and practice their skills and hobbies.”

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