Alumni Share Entrepreneurship Successes with AAM Students at “HCT Talk 2”

2 years

The HCT-Al Ain Men’s campus (AAM) launched its “HCT’s Talk 2” initiative as part of UAE Innovation Month 2018, by hosting thought-provoking talks by two prestigious and successful guest speakers in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, on February 7.

The event initiated with inspiring words from Dr Yahya Al Ansaari, AAM Director, who said: “Entrepreneurship is the future of sustainable economy. We encourage our students to job creators and not job seekers. In real life, some of the international companies these days started as entrepreneurs. Our alumni as well shared a lot of insights to the students regarding his market experiences.”

The first guest speaker was Professor Nihal Chabrack, with the session moderated by Dr. Pedro Longart, Assistant Professor from the Faculty of Business, who asked questions pertinent to the issues and challenges concerning innovation, as well leading the subsequent Question and Answer session.

Prof. Chabrack, who is the program director of the Science and Innovation Park at UAEU, spoke about the future of innovation. This interesting talk focused on the exciting opportunities that innovation brings.  She also referred to what is being done in the Science and Innovation Park. She explained how our students can benefit from the support offered by that institution and different entities in the UAE. She concluded that we must embrace innovation, not fear it.

AAM academics and students engaged very actively in the session and discussed the tremendous challenges that innovation can generate for the economy of tomorrow.

The second guest speaker was Abdulla Alshamari, a former AAM Engineering student, and who is now an entrepreneur involved in several business ventures. His topic covered a stimulating and animating conversation (and sometimes hilarious too!) about the advent of Artificial Intelligence. The title of his talk summed it up succinctly – “My robot, my boss”.

This talk was moderated by Dr. Shagufta Sarwar, who presented the topic of Artificial Intelligence in a motivating presentation entitled “Innovative, to be or not to be”, with students as part of the activities of the Innovation week. Mr. Alshamari explained that Artificial Intelligence comes with many advantages. However, the topic of the disadvantages and issues surrounding AI was also examined in a session which was both witty and challenging. This guest speaker definitely served as a role model to the AAM students and is a true embodiment of the adage that with hard work and study AAM students can succeed by being innovative and entrepreneurial – the future is theirs.

At the end of this event, both academics and students had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious lunch and continue to share experiences. This event demonstrated once more that AAM is like a big family; every one working towards the same purpose.

The campus management team thanked all those who participated and to those who made the innovation week a resounding success; especially the Business Faculty who fully supported this event and has motivated everybody in AAM to be innovative.

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