Al Dhafra Campuses Share Life at HCT with High School Outreach Program

10 months

The HCT-Madinat Zayed and Ruwais campuses have travelled far and wide to share with Al Dhafra communities the HCT ethos of education, in a series of successful community outreach activities and visits.

The visits and activities aimed to introduce high school students to college life and the many opportunities available once they join HCT.

The Outreach activities kicked off on January 27 by participating in the “High School Counseling Day” arranged by the Ministry of Education, at the Baynouna Educational Complex. More than 400 male and female students from different cities participated in this day.

In addition to guiding them through the admission procedure and criteria, the HCT team briefed the high schoolers on the majors available at the HCT campuses in Ruwais and Madinat Zayed. 


To mark the start of Innovation month activities at the HCT-Madinat Zayed and Ruwais campuses, high school students were invited for a counselling session with the Engineering and Business program Chairs.

Dr. Tarig Faisal, Chair of Engineering, and Dr. Bashir Sanni, Chair of Business, at the Al Dhafra campuses introduced the high school students to the different programs offered in both campuses, the different career opportunities available for each major in the region, and answered all students’ and school advisers’ questions.

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 The introductions and Q&A session were followed by a tour in the campus to give the students a feeling of college life, and to visit the different facilities, which they will enjoy when joining HCT. The visit was concluded by inviting all high school students to the Business Bazaar, which was arranged by Business students as a part of the Innovation Week activities.

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 Outreach activities then continued to cover cities which were unable to enjoy the previous events, such as Mirfa’, Ghayyathi, and Sila.

“HCT Ruwais and Madinat Zayed staff and students enjoy the unique nature of Al Dhafra region, which covers almost 70% of Abu Dhabi Emirate. All seven cities have different nature, but share the same UAE values and passion for success. These tours are very special time of the year, they reminds us every day of the value of education to our students, who travel long distances everyday chasing knowledge to build their future, and give back to their beloved UAE, ” Mrs. Nuha Al Zaghari, Assistant Manager, Marketing Outreach and Engagement, said.

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