ADW Foundations Students Delve into Language Skills with Tale of Cleopatra

11 months

The Foundations Department at Abu Dhabi Women’s campus (ADW) treated its students to a fun and educational way to master the English language, when it hosted the educational production “Cleopatra: The Adventure of A Princess”, attended by more than 150 students.

The play was about the young Cleopatra going through a complete gamut of human emotions after her father, the king of Egypt, dies. She is faced with a difficult choice – save Egypt from starvation or lose Bek’s friendship forever.

This play was aimed at giving English language learners the opportunity to engage on many different levels – visual, auditory, intellectual, mental and emotions. The play was combined with in-class activities to provide high educational value, thus giving the students a wide range of practical and fun learning experiences. Moreover, the play created new ways for learning English, while motivating the appreciative audience to keep improving their language skills.

The play was presented by ArtSpot, a professional touring theater company with deep roots in educational theater and ELT (English Language teaching).