AAM Kicks Off Local Schools Outreach Initiatives

2 years

The HCT-Al Auin Men’s campus (AAM) combined the formidable talents of its staff and faculty for the start of an extensive community outreach program, by participating in the “High School Counseling Day” arranged by the TVET.

The AAM student recruiting team, including members of the Student Life department, represented the college for the day, which saw the Student Life Department advise over 130 TVET students about the majors offered at AAM, and the opportunities students will receive by studying at HCT colleges

The AAM team was made up of five staff members from different departments, five volunteering students, AAM Student Council Association members and one alumni.

Mohamed Al Khanbashi, AAM Student Life Manager, encouraged AAM students to volunteer for such events so as to enhance the strong communications between current students and the potential new students. Since being implemented this system has received very good feedback in attracting more high school students to consider HCT for their post-secondary education.

The AAM volunteering students played an important role in this event as they shared vital information about the admission requirements, ILETS scores and EMSAT and other general information about HCT’s learning environment.

The event also saw a number of major institutions and companies taking part, including UAEU, ADNOC, Zayed University, Transco, and others.

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