On the Paper Trail … AAW Teams Up with EEG to Bag Rubbish in the Bin

12 months

The HCT Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) has shown it’s a truly environmentally friendly community by actively participating in the Emirates Environmental Group’s (EEG) Paper Collection Campaign, throughout 2017.

With the contributions from AAW, it has now been calculated that the EEG managed to successfully collect a total of 1,348,278 Kg of paper, which has resulted in the following environmental savings:

Environmental Benefits Total
GHG Reduction 7,218 MT CO2e*
Energy Saved 30,266 BTU**
Number of Trees Saved 22,921
Volume of Landfill Saved 4,257 m3

*Metric Tons CO2 Equivalence

**British Thermal Unit

The AAW community’s contributions in 2017 resulted in a range of improvements and the following environmental benefits:

  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction
  • Energy Saved
  • Number of Trees Saved
  • Volume of Landfill Saved

The AAW contributions enabled EEG to surpass its 2016 collection total of 1,341,338 Kg of paper. EEG’s target for the 2018 collection is now 1,485,000 Kg of paper.

In a constant effort to achieve EEG set targets, AAW has been invited to again actively in all EEG recycling campaigns this year. This means that the AAW community must recycle 5,000 kg of paper until December of this year.

Mr. Zoheir Ezziane, AAW Assistant Manager of Learning Resources, said the campus’s collaboration with the Emirates Environmental Group aimed to attain many environmental benefits, through important recycling initiatives implemented at AAW.

Mr Ezziane urged AAW staff, faculty and students to “stay committed to contributing towards the sustainability of our society”.