Fujairah’s CIS Faculty Plans Bright Future with Year-End Review

2 years

The end of the year is the perfect time to discuss the accomplishments in 2017 and what lies ahead for 2018.

The Faculty of Computer Information Science (CIS) at the Fujairah campuses conducted its year-end meeting on December 18, 2017 . The inclusion of a perfect buffet lunch assisted in getting the faculty members ready to return for the new spring semester in 2018 in high spirits and with motivation aplenty.

Dr. Zahoor Khan, CIS Division Chair, convened the meeting and thanked all the faculty members for their efforts during the fall term. He encouraged the faculty members to continue their efforts for achieving the goals set for the campuses and the CIS Faculty. His main focus was to strengthen the CIS  research activities at the Fujairah campuses.

Prof. Saif Alqaydi, HCT-Fujairah campuses’ Dean of Academic Operations, joined the meeting, where he was keen to share ideas and thoughts with the faculty members.

The meeting was also a fitting occasion to bid farewell to Ms. Hend Ghailani, who will be moving from the CIS Faculty to the Technical Studies Department.