Firefighters Emphasize Safety at Sharjah Campuses’ Childcare Centre

2 years

It’s vitally important to help shape children and young people’s understanding of and attitudes towards road safety; to help give them the best chance of keeping safe while they’re young and as they get older teaching road safety, home safety and strangers’ safety.

With knowledge and education, many injuries can be prevented. By making changes in our homes’ setup, we can reduce many of our children’s potential injuries

With this ethos in mind the HCT-Sharjah campuses’ Childcare Centre theme for the month of December 2017 involved the emergency services first responders with the aim of enlightening the youngsters and not to frighten them. To that extent firefighters from the Sharjah Civil Defense Service visited the centre on December 19, much to the delight of the children in attendance.

The firemen gave a wonderful demonstration on how to keep safe in situations of a fire. Children learned about fire prevention and also what to do if there is a fire. They learned that if there is smoke, they should ‘Crawl down low and go, go, go!’. The children were also fascinated by the big yellow truck with the flashing lights. They were buzzing with excitement when they got the opportunity to sit in the fire truck and spray water from the fire hose.

The fun-filled and educational day was made complete when the children saw “Mr. Rainbow” appear in the sky as the fire truck’s water jet created a captivating arc of refracted and reflected light on the water droplets in the bright sky.

The centre management and staff warmly thanked the firefighters for taking the time to visit and to educate the children about the vital role the emergency service personnel play in the community.