ADW Fires Up its Ever-Popular ‘Employer on Campus’ Series for 2018

12 months

The continued success of Employer on Campus days at the HCT-Abu Dhabi Women’s (ADW) saw the campus invite the Union National Bank (UNB), PwC Academy and Abu Dhabi Terminals to discuss career options with the student body.

The campus’s Student Careers & Work Placement Centre was a hive of activity as more than 250 students and graduates from different majors attended the events.

Representatives from the Union National Bank delivered presentations throughout the day for final-year Business students who were able to interact with the UNB Robo, which allowed direct access to staff located at the UNB offices. Furthermore, students and fresh graduates were able to meet with UNB face-to-face to hear about career opportunities and work/sponsorship program with UNB.

The PwC Academy highlighted possible opportunities to all majors and fresh business graduate by provided information about internship and career opportunities Also, PwC took part in a video recording, highlighting to students that when applying to employers they should consider the values of the company to support their job applications and career progression within the organization, if their application is successful.

Abu Dhabi Terminals delivered an interesting presentation to the student attendees and its representatives highlighted possible opportunities about employment opportunities for 2018 and internship opportunities which targeted all majors at ADW.

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