SJW Gets Walking for Diabetes Awareness Campaign

12 months

For World Diabetes Day, the HCT-Sharjah Women’s campus (SJW) Student Services Counsellor joined forces with the Sports Complex team, and the Health Science’s Nursing program to hold an awareness campaign.

The two-day event included workshops, presentations and a walk in the beautiful college gardens. The ‘Walk for Diabetes’ was held to raise awareness for International World Diabetes Day on November 14 and to get active as encouraged by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s initiative ‘The Dubai Fitness Challenge’.

Dr. Muhadditha Al Shamisi, SJW Director, and the SJW management team fled the students and staff through the beautiful college gardens for the Diabetes Awareness Walk.


The presentation included activities that highlighted the danger behind junk foods and the effect it has on our health. It drew attention to the impact of junk food and how it is a big factor in the increase of diabetes patients’ all over the world. The students were give healthy alternatives for those sweet and savory unhealthy cravings.

To add to the fun, a salad making competition was held.  The students were provided with a number of ingredients and were asked to make healthy tasty salad. The winners were picked based on the ingredients they chose and the overall taste.




A Health check up’s by Thumbay Hospital Daycare was done, which included a free check on Blood pressure, Blood sugar levels, Body Mass Index (BMI), a GP Consultation. Free Health Checkup Vouchers were given, which includes- Free Cholesterol test, Free Hemoglobin test, Free Urine Analysis test, Free ECG with Free Consultation with GP and Specialist.



Nursing students from the Health Sciences Department held a mobile-iPad campaign to help raise awareness about Diabetes. They talked to students, staff and faculty about Diabetes and informed them about the impact, causes, risk factors and how it can be managed with lifestyle changes.

Shayma AlAssaf a team member from the winning salad competition said: “I had gained a lot of information like what is diabetes, how to avoid it, and what are the healthy replacement for unhealthy food we all liked it I also did blood sugar test and coach Danah taught us some good salad recipes.”

For many, this was a not the end of the Diabetes Awareness campaign but the start of a healthy journey, to happier and healthier beings.