SJM Library’s Innovation Week Theme a Big Hit with Students

3 years

This year’s Innovation Week featured a variety of exciting activities which transformed the HCT-Sharjah Men’s campus (SJM) Library into an exciting innovation hub from November 19-21.

The first innovative activity was a quiz conducted using the online Kahoot!, a game-based learning platform. The questions were based on the general theme of innovation. The students were engaged throughout the activity as they played enthusiastically, and answered the questions with their keen competitive spirit.


On the second day of Innovation Week, the SJM Library offered the students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to experiment with Virtual Reality (VR). This hands-on VR experience was new and astounding to most participants, and made the students feel the utter excitement of being engaged in impressive game play.

SJM Engineering student Abdalla Adil said: “The VR experience truly is a new thing for me and my colleagues, and I recommend everyone to try this magical experience.”

Participants were able to create artwork and canvases as they were walking around in the VR worlds formed by their imaginations. SJM Engineering student Juma Khalfan commented: “Have you ever thought about being in a different world? If you did, then create your own with VR.”


Car simulation was the final Innovation Week activity and it was a terrific and very popular venture to the gaming world. The students enjoyed the extraordinary rides and had a lot of fun competing with each other to get the perfect score, channeling their inner racer. The virtual car racing activity introduced a range of high-end equipment to the students, increasing their knowledge about the latest trends in the innovative technology world.

The Innovation Week activities hosted by SJM Library were led by team members Alya Qabeel, Library Officer, and Zainab Almaazmi, E-learning Officer, and contributed to the overall success of the SJM Innovation Week.