RAK Campuses Do Good for Others in Celebrating International Volunteer’s Day

3 years

“Volunteerism plays a significant role in achieving the Millennium Development Goals. It plays a healing role by rebuilding trust in a post-conflict society. Its values of solidarity and engagement inspire us to live sustainably so that our human actions do not jeopardize the needs, or the existence, of future generations.”
Flavia Pannier, Executive Coordinator for the United Nations Volunteers (UNV)

On December 5, the HCT-Ras Al Khaimah Men’s (RKM) and Women’s (RKW) campuses proudly recognized and honored students who have done more than 100 hours of volunteering, to mark the International Volunteering Day.

Dr. Saif Al Mheiri, RAK campuses Director, awarded our students and motivated them to keep on volunteering in order to give back to our society and our country. The celebration ended with a cake cutting ceremony with all awarded volunteers.

Ruqayya Al Shemaili, RKW Volunteering Officer, said.“We believe that recognizing the achievement of students will encourage them to give more as the objective of volunteer program is to offer local work experience placement, reference and exposure to local work culture for newcomers, while the community volunteer program focuses on friendship, connecting, and contributing something to the local community. In return, the volunteers bring a range of benefits to the organization, such as cultural competence, multilingual capabilities, as well as new skills and ideas.”

RKM Volunteering Students Awarded:

  1. Abdulrahman Ali Al Attar
  2. Hamad Mohammed Al Shehhi
  3. Saif Aamer Al Mansoori
  4. Salem Al Shehhi
  5. Mohammed Al Shehhi
  6. Mohammed Abdulrahman
  7. Abdulaziz Easa Al Shamsi
  8. Saif Jumah Al Mansoori
  9. Sultan Salem Al Hebsi

 RKWC Volunteering Students Awarded:

  1. Jameela Abdulrahman Al Shamsi
  2. Asma Rashed Al Shemaili
  3. Shamsa Mohammed Al Shehhi
  4. Ameena Ahmed
  5. Halawa Ahmed Al Shehhi
  6. Aysha Gholam
  7. Hanan Ahmed Abdulla
  8. Hajer Saeed Al Dohoori
  9. Kadija Saeed
  10. Hessa Taleb Al Hebsi