RAK Campuses Celebrate the UAE’s 46th National Day with Color and Activity

3 years

The HCT- Ras Al Khaimah Men’s and Women’s campuses (RKM & RKW) held their annual National Day celebrations, this year commemorating the country’s 46th National Day with a variety of colorful, fun and vibrant activities.

The day was a positive manifestation of the RAK campuses’ loyalty and gratitude to the wise leadership and strong national spirit and loyalty to the state. It was also a palpable example of the unity of the UAE people throughout the nation’s history, and of the strong relationships of UAE citizens today which recall the great event of the establishment of the UAE’s solid union.

It is not only a happy day, it’s a great day for the seven Emirates and a moving celebration of the UAE’s wise leadership which was dedicated to maintaining the gains of this Union over the years.

This year, HCT-Ras Al Khaimah campuses focused at students and faculty participation on activities and accordingly introduced a number of competitions to motivate and acknowledge the participations. With pride, students demonstrated their loyalty to their country by introducing different UAE Cultures, UAE traditions and some expressed their loyalty by showcasing their capstones projects, which introduced a number of solutions for the challenges the world faces.

Winners of the competitions were honored by Dr. Saif Almheiri, RAK campuses[‘ Director, at both campuses. Competitions included:

  1. Best 3 Projects/ideas (3 prizes)
  2. Best team collaboration and work
  3. Best class decoration
  4. Best Project faculty/advisor
  5. Best Division Projects/idea goes to the DC/PC.
  6. Best Car Decorations.

With such strong national pride, the 46th National Day Celebration was an extraordinary day for all at the HCT-RAK campuses.

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