Healthy Lifestyles in Focus as AAW Participates in World Diabetes Day

2 years

The treatment of one of modern society’s most prevalent diseases – Diabetes, particularly Diabetes 2, – was the focus of a highly interactive event at the HCT-Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) on November 15, to mark World Diabetes Day in 2017.

Diabetes 2, often described as a lifestyle disease due to the lack of activity and improper diets in many of its sufferers, is still one of the most common, and highly treatable, diseases afflicting many people of different ages in the UAE.

Hence, the AAW’s Student Services team decided to highlight to the student body the dangers and treatment options of the modern disease by convening its World Diabetes Day Awareness event.

A highly appreciative student body learnt many new ways to treat and combat the onset of Diabetes 2 with a series of simple, yet eye-opening routines through the many interactive displays on offer around the campus.

Some of the information booths and events, which overall promoted a healthy lifestyle among students, included:

  • A sports challenge in collaboration with the Fitness First Gym
  • A health screening by the Universal Hospital
  • Learn to make healthy lunch boxes for kids
  • “The truth about white food”
  • “What you didn’t know about sugar”
  • “Choose your way to healthier happier you”

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