HCT “ Team-SAAF سعف ” Feels the Power at Global Hybrid Electric Challenge

3 years

 Team HCT “SA’AF-سعف”, a group made up of interdisciplinary students from the Sharjah Men’s campus (SJM) and Sharjah Women’s campus (SJW) has successfully participated at Global Hybrid Electric challenge (GHEC-UAE), at the Al-Ain Race Way from November 14-15, 2017.

The multi-talented HCT team has competed against another 10 strong teams from the UAE and Egypt  universities and institutions.

During the event the team showed tremendous effort and has set an example of team work and sportsman-like spirit, despite enduring through some challenging difficulties. However, they managed to overcome these obstacles because the team acknowledged the main objective is not only to build the car and participate, but also to raise the HCT reputation high and make their families and colleagues proud.

Team HCT “SA’AF-سعف” did in fact win two awards – “The Best Team Photo Award” in which the photo resembles green mobility with a sustainable future of Mother Earth and “The Best Car Graphic Design” which displayed the spirit of sustainable transformation between the historical UAE and the modern UAE.

In terms of racing performance the HCT team car got 6th position out of 11 teams, as measured by the longest travel range in the race. The team’s overall performance and work was considered as “phenomenal” in view of the extremely challenging time constraints, technical hiccups and the lack of spare parts/components. The complete project was developed over a tight timeline of approximately 40 days, every team member having contributed to this project and placing a remarkable and innovative Emarati finger print on the project.

The team has shown an immense deal of brain storming and cross-functional project development skills, among engineering and applied technology disciplines and among SJM & SJW students and mentors.

The team grasped this opportunity to present their success and achievement to the UAE nation and the whole HCT community on the 46th anniversary of UAE Union Day.