HCT-Sharjah Foundations Students Consider Nursing & Veterinary Options

12 months

Foundations students at the HCT-Sharjah Men’s (SJM) and Women’s (SJW) campuses have been given the perfect opportunity to consider their future study options with the Veterinary Sciences and Nursing programs being showcased at Career Choice Leaning Center in the SJM’s Multi-Purpose Hall.

Representatives from the Dubai Health Authority and the Ministry of Health, along with HCT’s Health Science teams, delivered two interactive and engaging workshops. About 160 Foundations students attended the fair over two days. They were given information by six veterinary medicine and 12 nursing students, who demonstrated the importance of their respective courses of study.


Foundations  students were invited to touch a real camel heart and to get their blood pressure checked. Students from the Nursing program were on hand to talk about, and to demonstrate, how important their chosen field of studies really is.

Through participation in these workshops Foundations students had an opportunity to get some first-hand information from the nursing and veterinary students themselves. They were spoken to by leading representatives in the field who explained the importance of these Health Science programs, and the valuable career opportunities they provide to young Emiratis. They were also given the message through a video presentation that men can also be nurses, and this would be an important initiative for the UAE in the future.


Students felt that after attending this interactive NCHR Learning Center they were better informed about the Veterinary and Nursing programs, with several students already selecting nursing as their first program choice.