HCT-Sharjah Campuses Management Assesses End-of-Year Performance Contracts

11 months

The management team at the HCT-Sharjah campuses had the gruelling task of completing a comprehensive review and assessment of the 2016-2017 End-of-Year Performance Contracts for all academic and administrative managers, heads and coordinators.

The presentations began with opening remarks from Dr. Abdullatif Alshamsi, HCT Vice Chancellor, who thanked the audience for their commitment to HCT 2.0 and work towards meeting the set targets. He expressed his appreciation for the campuses’ leadership’s initiative to conduct this self-assessment event.

The one-day review of managers’ personal contracts was led by Dr. Muhadditha Alhashimi, SJW Director, and Dr. Abdulla Alsuwaiji, SJM Director. This was an opportunity for the teams to be informed of the various on-campus efforts towards achieving their target through cross-units’ collaborations.

The findings will be incorporated in the 2017-2018 Sharjah campuses’ KPIs and employees’ objectives.