HCT-Ruwais Campuses Celebrate 46th UAE National Day with National Pride & Devotion

2 years

The HCT-Ruwais Women’s campus (RWW) and Ruwais men’s campus (RWM ) celebrated the 46th UAE National Day with lots of enthusiasm and love for the country.


This became a special occasion for the western region as Dr. Ali Al-Mansoori, DVC Campus Operations, joined the Ruwais students, faculty and staff to celebrate the occasion.


Students, staff and visitors enjoyed the different activities and performances.  To remember the old Arabic culture the Student Council converted the College garden area into a small Arabic village. Various booths were constructed to represent the various aspects of the UAE.

The following booths were arranged in the village; fully managed and designed by the students:

  1. Zayed Al khair– Salute to Sheikh Zayed and his vision for the development of the UAE
  2. Katatib – Representing the old education system.
  3. Asalat Almadhi-Representing old culture.
  4. Yalst-alfreej – Traditional seating arrangements of the old houses
  5. Ayade Emaratiya – Emarati Crafts


Department of Arabic Studies students prepared traditional food and drinks and created a Bazaar to sell them. Students managed to include a traditional boat and a camel to give the complete feel of the village. Guests enjoyed the nostalgic feel of the village.


Dr. Ali Al-Mansoori spent time with Ruwais staff and Student in “bait al shaar” , he motivated students and staff by sharing some of his life experiences, and motivating them to serve the country.

In the evening, the Student Council of Ruwais male students arranged a Yola dance with their teachers. All the teachers wore kandooras to blend in with the UAE culture. They also conducted a Quiz to check the knowledge of staff and students about the UAE.