Fujairah CIS Students Showcase Innovative Graduation Projects

3 years

The traditional model of learning and reciting the facts is no longer sufficient to prepare the students to survive in today’s world.  Exposing them to real-time projects will enable them to acquire the 21st century skills.

The Faculty of Computer Information Science (CIS) at the HCT-Fujairah Men’s (FJM) and Women’s (FJW) campuses, has taken the right step to reinforce this approach to learning by exposing the students to real-time projects, by convening students’ Graduation Project Exhibition.

The CIS students enthusiastically participated in the exhibition, keen to showcase the depth of their technical skills with a wide range of interesting project themes. About 50 students were actively involved in exhibiting their projects, which were supervised by Dr. Zahoor Khan, Dr. Ahmad Al Shami, and Dr. Benson Raj.

The organizers gave special thanks to Ms. Safia Al Raqbani, Director of the Fujairah campuses, and Prof. Saif Alqaydi, Dean of Academic studies, for honoring their presence in the Graduation Project Exhibition.

The Capstone projects exhibited at FJM were:

  • Network for Block-E of Fujairah Women’s Campus
  • Enhanced Network with new branches and teleworker access for Patatello Cafe
  • Develop a Wireless Network for Ministry of Climate Change and Environment
  • Upgrade the Fujairah Chamber’s network by addressing reliability and security issues
  • Smart Street Lighting in UAE

The research projects exhibited at FJM and FJW were:

  • Applying Autonomous Vehicles to Reduce Traffic Jam in Dubai
  • 3D Bio-Printing for Organs Replacements
  • Mixed reality to improve teaching and learning for health science students
  • Measuring UAE’s readiness to accept smart cars
  • Detecting Seawater Pollution’s Level Using Drones
  • The effect of Robots on Autistic children to improve their social skills
  • Meet Robot to Help Autistic Kids
  • Saving Energy in a Smart Home by using Solar System
  • Self-Driving Cars for Enabling the Determined People
  • The Impact Use of Virtual Reality Headset
  • Powering Google’s Smart Contact Lens
  • Turning Dubai Smart City to Green City
  • Security Challenges for Cloud Computing in Healthcare

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