CIS Students Plug into World of AI with IBM Workshop at AAW

2 years

Aligned with United Arab Emirates’ initiative to boost the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognit, a Mubadala and IBM Watson Company, held a workshop at the HCT-Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) on November 5 & 6, 2017.

The two day event, attended by students from AAW and Al Ain Men’s campus (AAM), focused on connecting leading scientific and technical experts with the developers, to effectively provide immersion in cognitive computing, promote investment in AI and its implementation in different platforms.

Through the IBM Watson Conversation Service, a dialogue feature, students were able to develop a virtual agent that interacts with customers and respond by recognizing the meaning and context behind their inquiries.

Furthermore, with access to the IBM Watson Visual Recognition Service, students were also able to automatically recognize different faces and identities of people including gender, age etc. If those people happen to be in the millions of faces within databases, it will reveal their name; otherwise, they can distinguish gender and approximate age with the confidence value displayed.

Sara Marei a final-year CIS student, commented: “Artificial intelligence is an interesting topic to look at; what I’ve learned through the workshop is that they are trying to simulate or make a machine think, and respond just like humans do. In the workshop each one of us created a Watson, which we trained to respond to questions… it was certainly an amazing experience.”

With AI Discovery, the new flagship cognitive service, students learned how to use, enrich, normalize and query personal and public documents that contain structured and unstructured data.

The workshop, allowed skill development though communication, team work and presentation, and provided an opportunity for students to have hands-on experience, including in-depth understanding of AI technology which will be immensely useful when applying such technologies in their own projects.

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