ADW Students Showcase Cutting-Edge Technology at Khalifa Award for Education Innovation Fair

11 months

Two teams of creative students from the HCT-Abu Dhabi Women’s campus (ADW) participated in Khalifa Award for Education Innovation Fair, hosted by H.E. Hussain bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi, Minister for Education, where they were able to showcase their innovative designs to assist the community.

The students, from the Innovation and Entrepreneurship course, were mentored by Dr. Hajer Khedher and created the designs Sabbeh and Smart Nurse. In addition, ADW operated a stand at the event, which was visited by several higher education representatives and stakeholders who gave positive feedback about the projects.

Smart Nurse is a self-service machine connected to the server of the hospital, activated by the insurance card of the patient who can do the registration and measure the vital signs. It is designed to reduce the waiting time of patients in hospitals.

“Sabbeh” is a revolutionary phone charger which converts kinetic energy into electrical energy by pressing a button on the top of the device. It is easy to use and handle and has a screen that displays the battery level and the number of times the user praises Allah.

Students Noura Nabeel and Fayeza Salem presented their inventions to his Excellency the Minister of Education who asked them several questions and congratulated them on their ideas. The students are proud of their achievement and their participation in this event.

Dr. Hajer Khedher was honored by His Excellency the Minister and was presented with a trophy for the Khalifa Award for Education.

Khalifa award