AAM CIS Students Showcase Research Projects at 2017 CIS Innovation Symposium

3 years

On Tuesday November 28, 2017, the Career Center in collaboration with the CIS department at the HCT-Al Ain Men’s campus (AAM) held a one day CIS Innovation Symposium.

Several distinguished IT industry representatives from both the private and government sector participated including OMNIX International, Cisco Systems, Infoblox, INJAZAT, Signals Intelligence Agency (SIA), STRATA, Dark Matter and TAWAM Hospital.

The symposium provided students, industries and faculty an opportunity to communicate their research findings in a simulated symposium environment. Most importantly, the event highlighted students’ senior projects, inspiring innovation and promoting learning as well as an opportunity to make connections with faculty, students and networking with leading industries.

Dr. Yahya Al Ansaari, AAM director, Dr. Hashim Al Zaabi, Al Dhafra Region Director, the management, faculty, staff, students, and alumni from the different majors in the campus also attended the event. Dr. Yahya and Dr. Hashim and all took the chance to visit all students’ displays, asked question and listened to the students presenting their projects.

“Encouraging innovation and applied research can open many opportunities for creativity and learning. The future is all about technology and its application in our life and work,” Dr. Yahya Al Ansaari said.

The projects explored an impressive variety of research topics, including Applications of 3D printing in Healthcare, Human and Robotic Surgery, the impact of Intelligent Transportation Systems and many more.

Mr. Ahmed Al Shami from OMNIX International (alumni) stated that it was indeed a pleasure to attend this undergraduate research symposium as it has given me the opportunity to interact with students and faculty. He also mentioned that the standard of the students’ presentations are extremely high and relevant to the UAE.

Mr. Ahmed Al Abadi from Infoblox said, “It is an honor to attend this event, I am pleased that I was given the opportunity to be part of such a meaningful event and very impressed with the quality and performance of the students research projects.”

Mr. Ali Essa Bin Dukhan and Mr. Ahmed Saeed AlDhaheri from Signals Intelligence Agency were very impressed with the students projects, including the way students presented their work and their communication skills. He further stated that they are looking forward to see these students employed by Signal Intelligence Agency once they complete their education this semester.

Other employers from the IT industry showed interest in the student’s projects. They emphasized that people with IT degrees can expect some of the highest starting salaries of any field of study and would have excellent job and salary prospects. Employers also showed great interest in offering job opportunities to the senior students providing them the opportunity to apply for employment once they complete this current semester.

Sana Tobeh, AAM Senior Specialist for Student Careers and Work Place, emphasized that “the CIS Undergraduate Research Symposium is a unique event that gathers students, academics and leading industries together. This is a valuable platform for interaction and is dedicated to sharing and exchanging ideas, and discussing common interests.”

“Additionally, it facilitated and promoted cooperation between Al Ain Men’s and the surrounding IT industry with a focus on developing the right solutions to provide UAE Nationals with the required knowledge, skills, employment opportunities and competencies to become ‘work ready’ upon graduation,” she added.

Dr. Khalid Samara, AAM Division Chair of CIS, stated that the “research symposium was a great success. All students worked extremely hard. It provided an exciting opportunity for students engagement and for them to display what they know best, and to showcase their knowledge and skills to industry.”

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