SJW Business Students Attend Tahkeem Industrial Arbitration Forum

2 years

A group of senior Business students from the HCT-Sharjah Women’s campus (SJW) attended the Industrial Arbitration Forum on October 25, at the invitation of Tahkeem (Sharjah International Commercial Arbitration Center), a unit of Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry and a strategic partner of HCT.

The Forum was organized by Tahkeem, in cooperation with the Economic Development Department of the Government of Sharjah, Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Sharjah Export Development Center.

On behalf of Tahkeem, Director Ahmed Saleh Al Echla greeted the students and expressed his pleasure to meet the future generation of Emirati managers. The students and chaperoning faculty members from the Faculty of Business joined representatives of government, industry, financial institutions and arbitration professionals to hear keynote speakers and panel members discussing special challenges in the industrial sector, and various ways to address them.

The students had the opportunity to listen to experts talking about the current status of the credit insurance market, and about the ways to address the threats and disputes facing the industrial sector. The topics covered were related to finance, risk management, human resource management and international business, so students studying on various majors benefitted well from attending the event.

Shama Omar, a senior business student in the Quality major, said:“I enjoyed this event because of the opportunity to hear about real business challenges, and because I learnt that when different experts discuss business problems they can reach a solution together.”

Another student, Mozah Ghanim, added that: “What I found interesting about the event was the discussion of real issues and combining different expertise.  It was also interesting to know about Tahkeem, an entity that resolves conflicts among businesses in Sharjah.“


This initiative of the Faculty of Business contributes to the HCT 2.0 strategic goals of employability and partnerships with industry.

For more information about this project, contact Mr Gabor Andrasi, lecturer at the HCT-Sharjah  Faculty of Business at