SJM Students Learn to Appreciate Married Life with Mawada Initiative

3 years

The Department of Emirati and Arabic Studies at the Sharjah Men’s campus (SJM) participated in a Mawada initiative; one of the initiatives of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs.

The Mawada initiative includes a series of awareness programs aimed upcoming couples and married couples to educate them on how to build a stable and conscious family, raise their culture and promote social and psychological values ​​for a secure and stable society.

The students attended a lecture about the rights and duties of the husband. The program included recreational activities and a dinner party.

It was accompanied by a presentation from Mrs. Mariam Al Ali, who expressed her admiration for the lecturer’s ideas and praised the students’ interaction and positive participation, which indicates their high level of awareness.

SJM student, Masoud Omar was impressed with the presentations: “The awareness of marital readiness and understanding of psychology, especially in the early stages of marriage is very important for the formation of a stable family in society. I also benefited personally from the ideas put forward by the lecturer”.

Majid Hassan al-Attar also agreed.”It is very important that we educate ourselves in initiate a family, especially since these manners have not been raised by school before,” he said.