Madinat Zayed Engineering Students See Talent in Action at World Skills 2017 Competition

3 years

A group of female students from the HCT-Madinat Zayed Women’s campus (MZW) attended the World Skills 2017 Competition in Abu Dhabi, which was an excellent learning experience and helped students to learn about the latest advances in the field of designing and engineering.

Students were impressed with their experiences and were able to meet and network with many relevant industry representatives.

Ms. Mehra Saeed, MZW Engineering student, said: “It was a wonderful experience, It connected learning to the industry worldwide.”

Another student, Ms. Al Safaa Ahmed, was impressed with the fact that the Engineering courses in HCT were very relevant to the latest advanced technologies she witnessed in the competition.



“Students performance and motivation after the World skills 2017, Abu Dhabi, has tremendously enhanced. Going beyond, a few of the students are asking for more and more complicated designs for their Design Thinking course. I am really happy and will plan more visits to such events,” Dr. Raghavendra Shanubhog, Electrical Engineering faculty at the Madinat Zayed colleges, said.

“I think such activities have great potential to help students deepen their knowledge about transferring their theoretical knowledge to practical implication. After the visit, some students came to me and suggested some projects to be designed next semester. Really, I was impressed with those ideas,” Dr. Abdel Alshbatat, Electrical Engineering faculty from Madinat Zayed colleges, added.

Students were thankful to the Dr. Tarig Faisal, Engineering Division Chair in Madinat Zayed, for his constant encouragement for attending the competition and similar events. They have also express their appreciation to the college Director Dr. Hashim Alzaabi for facilitating such trip which enhanced their learning experience.