Getting to Know You – FJW Business Students Swap Places With Teachers

3 years

Under the theme “Know us better”, HCT-Fujairah Women’s campus (FJW) Business students reversed roles and provided training sessions to their teachers.

This was part of their Training & Development course where they planned and conducted Emirati orientation sessions for the Fujairah campuses’ teachers. These sessions included information and tips on both culture and language.

There were two main aims for this task – firstly, to provide students with an opportunity to plan and conduct a training session, and secondly for teachers to receive training sessions that are planned and delivered by students.

Students enjoyed this task and worked hard to present sessions that met their audience needs. The sessions were well received and over 40 teachers form both Fujairah campuses attended. There were many opportunities for teachers to participate and ask questions.

Students adapted what they learnt in the classroom and provided effective well-planned orientation sessions about their culture and language. They used a variety of delivery methods such as combining role play with interactive demonstrations. They also provided information in a more conventional style.

“It was amazing, very well planned sessions! I can definitely say that all teachers who attended enjoyed these sessions thoroughly. I learnt a great deal. Thank you,” a new teacher, who attended these sessions, said.

“I have received very positive feedback from teachers expressing their pride in seeing their students organize and conduct such effective training sessions. I was happy to be able to provide students with a creative environment that allowed them to put their skills into practice”. added Suhair Alwahabi, T & D lecturer.