Fujairah CIS Chair Receives Best Paper Award at ITT Conference

3 years

Dr. Zahoor Khan, CIS Division Chair at the HCT-Fujairah campuses has claimed the award for Best Conference Paper at the fourth International conference on Information Technology Trends (ITT-2017), held on October 25 & 26, at the HCT-Al Ain Women’s campus.

Dr Zahoor’s paper was entitled “DSAB: Dual Sink Approach in WBANs”. In addition, Fujairah CIS faculty members were the co-authors of five of the final 18 papers presentations.

Dr. Zahoor thanked the Fujairah campuses and CIS management for their motivation and continuous support. “We are lucky to have a very dedicated CIS team at the Fujairah colleges who are actively participating in scholarly activities,” he said.

The Fujairah campuses management congratulated the CIS team and emphasizes on the importance of collaborative research.

ITT-2017 was a major international research event for the presentation of innovative ideas, approaches, technologies, research findings and outcomes, best practices and case studies, national and international projects, institutional standards and policies. Internationally 55 papers were submitted in this conference and organizing committee selected only 18 for the final presentations.

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