FJW Joins Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign by Hosting Innovative Events

3 years

October marks the start of a month-long breast cancer awareness campaign across the world and at the HCT-Fujairah Women’s campus (FJW) a health promotion and outreach activity was carried out by the Health Science Department in collaboration with the Nursing students.

The event commenced with a ‘pink walk’ around the main gate with messages of hope and courage to fight the disease, followed by the FJW’s official campaign launch by Dr. Saif Alqaydi, Dean of Academic Operations, who gave an inspiring message to staff and students.

Various ‘health stations’ were set up and organized around the campus; the health station near the cafeteria was set up with the intention of creating awareness on healthy antioxidant diet to be included daily in meals as well as healthy snacks.

The ‘fun and surprise’ station included several interactive fun activities for women, including teaching breast cancer awareness and preventive measures.The education station was run in the Nursing Laboratory with hands-on teaching activities, for example, self-examination, breast cancer awareness and preventive measures. The educational activities focused on the importance of healthy diet, exercise and the role of risk decreasing strategies and ‘increasers’.

The students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the activities. Overall, the event was successful in achieving awareness and also to spread the word to as many students and staff as possible.

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