DBW Accounting Fun Day Organized to Reinforce Active Learning

3 years

With the aim of enhancing innovative teaching and learning practices, the HCT-Dubai Women’s campus (DBW) Business program organized an Accounting Fun Day, where students learnt accounting theories through gaming.

During the event, DBW and the HCT-Sharjah Women’s campus students competed in a three-round gaming challenge that included a card game, buzzer round and video quiz round.

Dr. Kavita Shah, Business faculty, organized the event as a means of learning by fun using games, technology and role play. “Fun learning increases the speed of acquiring, integrating and propagating information and knowledge with fun,” she said.


Dr. Syed Bashir, DBW Business Division Chair commented, “At the Accounting Fun Day event, I was really pleased to see audience and participants actively engaged in the accounting games. It was evident that students were effectively utilizing the experiential learning concepts by participating in these competitive learning activities.”

“Business Division at DBW, considers inter and intra – divisional collaborative efforts an important platform in developing students’ competencies. I thank all stakeholders and in particular Sharjah Women’s campus for making this event a true example of learning by doing,” he added.



Amira Hussain, DBW Business student and competition participant, explained how this event benefited her. “The Accounting Fun Day was very exciting and challenging since it was a competition among 5 groups. The competition was also a great way to know more about accounting and real life examples of when we use the theory taught in class,” she said.

“This is a clear example of assessing in depth learning through activity and entertainment with the use of technology in a competitive environment,” Dr. Indrani Hazarika, DBW Accounting Chair, said.