AAM CIS Faculty Hosts Cyber Security War Game Event

3 years

As society has become increasingly transformed through Internet-based communication and data exchange, cyber threats have increased in both sophistication and frequency.

Due to this concern, the Computer Information Science (CIS) Faculty at the HCT-Al Ain Men campus (AAM) hosted an interesting cyber-war game event, on November 2, targeting its Security and Forensic students.

The war game is designed to examine how the organization responds to realistic simulated cyber crises; how it enacts and adapts to business continuity plans, also how appropriate the contingency plans are and under which conditions they are more likely to fail.

The cyber-war game was structured to simulate the experience of a real life scenario attack. Participants of the game were divided into two groups – the Red team vs Blue team. Red act as the attacker whilst the Blue as the defender. Participants received complete information of the scenarios, where the Red team did its best to implement the attack and the Blue team responded to attack scenarios.

The objective of the game was to get students to strategize and decide what was the best way to launch or respond to cyber attacks. It’s all about decision making and decision taking. The game plan exemplified best for what students learn in their Incidence Response and Disaster Recovery course.

Mr Rami Shaath, a cyber-incident responder and threat intelligence analyst from Malcrove Technology, conducted the successful war game and students were thrilled to have an expert leading the game. Mr Rami concluded the war game by discussing the hierarchy of priorities in security, planning, and lessons learned.

Dr. Yahya Al Ansaari, AAM Director, said: “Our students were exposed to the topic in collaboration with the private sectors in order to gain knolwegde and expertise. They need to understand the futre trends in technology and safety.”

During the same event, CIS students also get the exposure to another aspect of security, surveillance technology from HIKVision, a world leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions. Mr Ahmad and Mr Adam, representatives from HIKVision, spent some times explaining to students on the technology related with surveillance.  HIKVision showcased and demonstrated their range of products and security developments.

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