AAM Hosts Insurance Awareness-Raising Campaign

3 years

the HCT-Al Ain Men’s campus (AAM) hosted an insurance awareness-raising campaign on October 30, 2017 aimed at educating students about a range of topics, including:

  • Students’ legal rights and duties
  • The concept and type of insurance & legal aspects
  • Definition of the duties of the Insurance Authority
  • Definition of the role of the Insurance Authority in the development of the economy and society

This campaign is a support mechanism to the Insurance Authority’s efforts in promoting competitiveness of domestic insurance market and upgrading it to international levels; ensuring the provision of insurance protection to policyholders and beneficiaries by providing them with information about their insurance rights and obligations; and educating the public about the concept of insurance and its various principles and characteristics.

The large number of students attending the presentation evidenced a keen interest in the discussion topics. The students asked many questions related to car insurance in case of accidents and other different cases that they may be faced with.

Representative from the Insurance Authority, Mr. Hamdi Balbisi, discussed obligations in the insurance policies; particularly the regulation of the Unified Motor Vehicle Insurance Policies  and new benefits contained in the new Regulation. He was highly impressed with the students’ attendance, their interaction and the preparation made to host the event.

The presentation to the students was very well done and all attendees took excellent ideas and knowledge away that they need to know in order to be successful in dealing with insurance issues whenever it is needed.

The event is one of the successful events planned and hosted by the AAM Career Center and Sana Tobeh, Senior Specialist Students Career and Work Placement commented: “This is a great chance of increasing students’ knowledge about insurance. It was an educating but not selling opportunity of the different types of commercial, health and general insurance and clarified the importance of working with a reputable agent to create the most appropriate policy for the different types of insurances.”

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