AAM Helps Preserve UAE Culture, Art & History with Heritage Centre Opening

3 years

In the process of preparing to move towards a 100 per cent digital system the Al Ain Men’s campus (AAM) Library staff discovered a number of extremely rare books, which are of historical importance to Al Ain and the UAE.

As a result, the AAM Library has now established the Heritage Centre in order to preserve the unique and rare books and to be a permanent home for unique and special publications. It will also be an exhibition space for UAE culture, art and history.

Some important books that feature in the collection include a limited edition photography book of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, rare and out of print books about the Al Ain oases, and Flashes of Wisdom, y His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

On the day of the opening traditional Arabic food was shared and a calligraphy artist spent some time showing his skills and making souvenir art work for staff and students.

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