SJM Foundations Students’ Mettle Tested with Fun Quiz

1 year

Foundations students at the HCT-Sharjah Men’s campus (SJM) competed against the buzzer and their classmates as they participated in an intersection quiz in week 4 of Cycle 1.

The quiz, part of the Learning Centers NCHR course, was held in the MPH for the pre-Foundations, Level 1 and Level 2, students, and a second quiz was held the following day for the Level 3 students.

The students were arranged in class groups, with each group selecting three members to answer the questions for their group. There were five topic areas with five questions in each category of English Language, Sports, the UAE, Our College (about HCT) and Animals.


Foundations instructor Mr. Dylan Coady, who developed the quiz format and materials, acted as the Quiz Master for the first day of proceedings, while Ms Nurliyana Isa, from the SJM Foundations faculty, posed the questions for the Level 3 competition.

The two days were thoroughly enjoyable with students encouraging their class representatives to answer the questions. There were of course some tough questions, as well as, some unexpected answers. The students enthusiastically challenged to select the correct answers to each question.

The Pre- Foundations Section 2 team won their section, with Section 105 team winning the Level 3 competition. Well done to all the student challengers who joined in, the intersection quizzes were greatly enjoyed by both participating instructors/presenters and students.