SJM Foundations Students Plug Into IT Learning Center

3 years

On September 26 & 27 the Foundations department at the HCT-Sharjah Men’s campus (SJM) hosted two IT Learning Center Workshops in the MPH, to help the students with their learning aptitude.

The workshops were organized by CIS faculty members as a part of the LCHR Learning Centers’ curriculum implemented in the Foundations program.


The aim of the sessions was to introduce students to the types of learning activities they will engage in if they choose to enroll in the IT Program. The sessions were developed by Aart Leeuwenburgh, Hanar Atroshi and Melina Silva, who were on hand throughout each workshop to monitor and direct student participation. Activities were led by senior CIS students assisted by undergraduate students already enrolled in the program.

Foundations students were given the opportunity to experience three handson activities covering IT areas of Applications Development and Security. These were:

  • Coding for beginners
  • Cracking passwords
  • Intro to computer viruses

20170926_143620 copy

Students enjoyed their IT learning experience and felt that it was worthwhile; with a number of students commenting that IT “is their game” – IT will be their program choice in the future.

The work of the CIS faculty and students was greatly appreciated with Foundations students feeling enthusiastic about their future studies.