HCT Ruwais Chemical Engineering Students Step into World of Innovation

2 years

“Research, Development & Innovation” – the responsible undercurrents that revolutionize the world of engineering and technology – was the slogan of HCT-Ruwais Women’s campus (RWW) Chemical Engineering students on their trip to visit Borouge Innovation PTE in Abu Dhabi.

The fervent efforts of researchers that go in the background for any company to cater for the customers’ needs and requirements, and the effort produced for a better quality product were unfolded to the visiting students by the group of scientists and engineers at the Borouge center.

The students expressed pleasure and awe at the dimension of the innovations and the efforts that go in developing commodities of plastic and polymers they use. They understood the versatility and the variability of the market demand of polymers has a direct impact on research and development direction.

The guiding faculty members, Ms. Padmaja Vootla and Mr. Sathya Manickkam, had the pleasure of meeting HCT alumni working at Borouge center.

The trip also gave an opportunity to the students for possible jobs upon graduation.

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