AAW & Mubadala Open the Skies with ‘Boeing Airplanes 101’ Course

3 years

In collaboration with Mubadala Education and Learning, the Aeronautical Engineering Technology (AET) Division at the HCT-Al Ain Women’s Campus (AAW) organized an “Airplane 101” course on October 18, 2017.

The course attracted more than 30 top-performing students from the AET program and 35 leading industry representatives from Strata, Adasi, Ammroc, Fly Dubai and Mubadala.

The event started with welcome remarks from Mrs. Hamsa Saleh Al Ammari, AAW Director, who expressed her thanks and gratitude to Mubadala for their continuous support, and for their collaboration in organizing the event. She also extended her sincere appreciation to the distinguished guest speakers from Boeing and wished the audience to gain the most benefit from the course.

The “Airplanes 101” course started with an introduction to the principles of flight, followed by historic view of airplane certification and design requirements. This was followed by a range of technical topics related to designing an airplane while taking into consideration airplane structures, systems and elements of aviation safety. The course was concluded with topics related to validation and testing principles and airplane production and delivery system.

AET Year-1 and 2 students had the chance to overview different topics related to their area of study at an early stage. They were introduced to the fundamentals of flight, basic aircraft design principles, different airplane systems, safety measures and flight testing.

“One of the major outcomes of the Airplane 101 course is that the students will highly appreciate the knowledge they will receive in their future courses when they link it to the material presented by the leading industry experts, ” Dr. Feras Darwish, AET Program Chair at AAW, said.

The event was also a great opportunity for the AET students to interact with industry representatives. Some senior students who attended the course had the chance to discuss their senior design projects with engineers from the industry on the sidelines of the event. It was also a great opportunity for the students to discuss possible job opportunities with the industry representatives.

During the course, many questions were raised by the audience and were answered by the Boeing experts. At the end of the event, attendees were given certificates of participation and handbooks of the presentation material.

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