AAM Hosts Ministry of Human Resources for Employer on Campus Day

3 years

The employer on Campus Initiative at the HCT-Al Ain Men’s campus (AAM) continues to prove its effectiveness in offering on-campus employment opportunities that relate directly to students’ programs of study.

The AAM Career Center hosted a day with representatives from the Ministry of Human Resources on Thursday, September 28, from 10am to 1pm, which attracted great interest from students keen to explore work and training opportunities. The students were given access to employers seeking talented candidates in every discipline, from Business and Information Technology to Engineering and Veterinary Science.

The Ministry of Human Resources aims to enable UAE Nationals to work in the private sector, and to establish a comprehensive system for protecting labour rights. The Ministry is bringing in top employers from throughout the UAE, and is providing resources for job seekers to assist them in their job searches.

Student attendance was high at the event and their response to the invitation was remarkable. They enjoyed listening to the guests, interacted actively in the discussions, asked many questions related to their employment and registered on the Ministry website.

Sana Tobeh, Senior Specialist Careers and Work Placement at AAM , commented that the Career Center will be inviting employers from the different sectors in the UAE in order to respond to the needs of AAM students and graduates in finding employment, and to link them with the business community. In addition, the center offers a range of ongoing job services at the campus for students.

Dr. Yahya Al Ansaari, AAM Director, said: “Our students need to be exposed to the workforce concept and to be prepared for their future. The meeting with different potential employers can help to wider the horizon of work.”

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