AAM Foundations Students Benefit from Team Building Skills

10 months

The Foundations students at the HCT-Al Ain Men’s campus (AAM) were treated to some fun learning experiences on September 25 when the campus Career Center conducted a team building activity for the students across different levels.

A total of 64 students participated and were divided into eight competing teams. An ice-breaking activity was utilized as a successful method to kick start the day to ensure the members of the team became familiar with each other in the group and were more relaxed in their communication.

 The main goal of the activity was to improve productivity and motivation, in addition to helping students develop a broad range of team-building skills. An attitude of collaboration, leadership, communication and conflict resolution were among the core skills that the students learned during the class. 

The activity was a chance for the students to learn, helps break down personal barriers, and have fun. Dedication, enthusiasm and creativity were clear and were noticed at all time during the activity.

Sana Tobeh, AAM Career Advisor, emphasized that new college students have often had little exposure to teamwork when they were in school. Thus, an appreciation for the importance of team skills in the class, and a positive attitude toward group collaboration are needed for students to grow in team-building. This then empowers individuals and enables them to contribute towards a common goal.

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